• Originality - why we don't do a "Quints Shark Fishing" design?

    First things first. This is not meant as a pop at anyone. My belief is that there is room in the market for everyone. I don't try to trash our competition, because I don't see them as competition. I see them as another company in the same business who are doing what they need to do to make money in a tough market place, they provide you with the choice that you, as a consumer, deserve to have.
  • Superb Books by James Fahy for you to get your teeth into!

    Today its purely a book review, no other waffle to distract you. Maybe.

    I’ll keep this as spoiler free as I can but if you know absolutely nothing at all about these books then I will be giving you a basic outline of the world they are set in, so you might consider that a spoiler I guess. With that being said, lets proceed shall we?
  • Instagram, #Bookstagram and The Making of Gabriel Davenport

    Instagram, #Bookstagram and The Making of Gabriel Davenport

    Hi All!

    Wow. Its been so long since I updated this blog. Thanks so much to all of you who are checking back here and reading this!!!

    I want to talk a little about Instagram and why you should be on there today and also I’m going to review a book written by an active member of the community known as #Bookstagram.
  • New Residents, Old Friends and Quality!

  • Movie Quiz Time!!

    Hi all. A couple of years ago I wrote a Movie quiz for a magazine, I thought it might be fun for you guys to have a go! Its nice and easy so I'm sure you will all score to marks. Oh and no cheating! Anyone caught cheating and using Google will, like Mason Verger, be forced to peel off their own face and feed it to the dogs. Answers at the end. Have fun!!
  • Design and the Art of Collaboration!

    See how the design process can evolve a shirt from the mediocre to the fantastic. And all with your help!

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