Nameless City Apparel for the BEST premium quality horror and Alternative T Shirts, Hoodies and other apparel on the web!
Nameless City Apparel for the BEST premium quality horror and Alternative T Shirts, Hoodies and other apparel on the web!
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About us

Who are Nameless City Apparel?

We started Nameless City Apparel out of frustration. 

The frustration of not being able to find the T-Shirts that we wanted to wear.

Sure, there are loads of companies out there doing Horror shirts, but we never quite found what we were looking for. Sometimes the design was great but the shirt quality sucked, sometimes the cost was frankly horrific, especially if you need to get it shipped from overseas. Too many companies seem to believe that the shipping cost is an easy way to rip you off. Sometimes we just found it impossible to find a shirt for the film that we wanted. We also love books here at Nameless City, and trying to find a shirt that relates to a book rather than a film? Forget about it!!!

Terrible Thrills t shirt by Nameless City Apparel Read to live hoodie by Nameless City Apparel Frankenstein tote bag by Nameless City Apparel

So, what are the options? For us, it was learn how to make our own shirts. We started off, like so many people, by buying those god awful iron on transfer sheets. You know the ones, they promise that you can make a cool shirt with nothing more than a standard inkjet printer and an iron. You can't. What you can make is something that looks fairly bad, feels worse and comes off after a couple of washes. Back to square one.

We contemplated going down the more professional heat pressed transfer route, but having bought some shirts from a company that do that, we decided not to. Why? Well to be honest, we adored the designs that we got, but we didn't love the feel, it was like you were wearing a chunk of cardboard on your chest. And when the weather got warm, wow those transfers dont breathe at all!!!

So where did that leave us? Basically with 2 options. DTG - Direct To Garment printing - this is, in simplified terms, a big version of your computer printer that uses special inks and prints directly on to the T-Shirt. We decided against that for a few reasons, the main one being start up cost. Those printers are expensive!! That left us with one option.

Screen printing. The problem was, we didn't know how to Screen Print. Ah well, better learn then.

So thats what we did. We learned. We made mistakes and learned how to correct them. We tried different ink products. Plastisol was nice, vibrant colours, easy to work with, mixes well. But again, it feels "heavy" on the shirt, and it doesn't breathe. Same old problems as the transfers. Water Base is nice. Its a very soft feel, it breathes, lovely! So is that what we use? Yes and no. What we have eventually opted for is the next step in the Water Base route. Its called Discharge Ink. (I know, I'm sorry!!). What this does is "bleach out" the dye in the garment and replace it with the dye in the ink. This results in a print that forms part of the shirt itself. So you get no feel at all, and the print is totally breathable. Great stuff, why doesn't every printer use it? Well because it does have its limitations. It only works on dark shirts, (not a problem for us, we love black shirts!), it is harder to use than normal ink, it isn't as user friendly as some inks, once its "activated" you can't re use it so there is some ink wastage which obviously pushes up the manufacturing costs of the shirts. We dont care about any of that. What we do care about is providing you with the best product we can give you. And in our opinion, that means using this ink.

So, that means that we charge a premium for our shirts yes? No. We dont. Honestly, our prices are low. We can accomplish this because we care more about giving you the shirt you want than making a huge profit. We are a small company and do this because we love the films and books, and we love the shirts we produce. Give us a try, we believe you will like our product.

Thanks for your patience reading this, we think its important for you to know what we do and why we do it.

Owner and Founder
Nameless City Apparel.