Design is a funny thing.

It takes on a life of its own. I start out with an idea in mind of what I want to do and the final piece bears no resemblence to the first idea at all. As an example I'll use our awesome Gunslingers 'n' Roses tee. I didnt set out to do this at all. Here's how it went down.


What happened was I posted an image on Instagram, whats that, you didnt know we were on Instagram? follow this link - IG page - where were we? Oh yes, I posted an image on IG of our Dark Tower The Gunslinger tee

and one of our wonderful IG followers (Hanna) posted a comment with a quote from the book that really resonated with me. "Death, but not for you Gunslinger. Never for you." So I decided to try an image with that quote incoporated. This is what I came up with. 

Not great. Not dreadful, but not great. So I posted it for the responce, and it did ok, but one of the comments that came back was from Charlotte asking if i'd considered a Dark Tower and Guns n Roses mash up. I'm going to be honest, I hadn't and wasn't crazy keen on the idea, mainly as I'm not a huge GnR fan. But it was a Sunday afternoon and I had the design bug on me so I thought I'd try it. Within an hour i'd got this.

Its a start. I actually made a shirt of this, and posted that shirt to IG. I got good comments, good feedback, however my harshest critic, me, wasnt massively happy with it, it just looked a litte wrong, I wasnt mad keen on the dead space in the top half, and as it happened another person (Sadie) made a similar point. She also suggested enlarging the Roses. By this time I was sick of this design (it happens) so I left it.


I showed the design to the totally amazing Andy Soar, more on him in a while, who made some nice noises, but I could tell he wasnt keen on the design. However he did suggest that I angle the Guns. I played with the image a little more that night but couldnt get the design to "pop", it always just looked a little off. So I left it again.

Sunday, the next week.

I was sat at this very computer looking at another design in progress and getting nowhere with it, when I happened to load the GnR file by mistake. And saw what it needed straight away. I'd already angled the guns and enlarged the roses, and I knew the concept was good, so I knew it wouldnt take much to get it right. All it needed was the 2 circles swapping so the thicker one was on the outside, and then it needed something to negate that dead space I didn't like, so I added some red rays coming from behind the tower, which also got some minor tweaks. And ended up with the design you see printed on our shirts today.

So thats how designs can evolve! All that remains is to thank my co conspiritors - Hanna, Sadie and Charlotte. Please take the time to visit their IG accounts, you wont be disappointed. @hophanna @sadie_reads_them_all @charlinails

Now on to Mr Soar. This man is a genius. He makes me realise time and time again that i'm not really a designer, he is. He comes up with stuff that is just so on point. If you like the Dark tower gunslinger tee, that's his design. As is the Salems lot marsten house, and the Exorcist Merrins prayer. And we have more on the way. Much more. Hopefully!! I'll be doing a dedicated post about Andy's work soon, but until then, please head over to his Facebook Page, here, or his IG here.

Thanks for reading, if you like the tees you've seen here dont forget to head to the shop section where you can buy them, and many others, for a crazy low price!!