Hi all. A couple of years ago I wrote a Movie quiz for a magazine, I thought it might be fun for you guys to have a go! Its nice and easy so I'm sure you will all score to marks. Oh and no cheating! Anyone caught cheating and using Google will, like Mason Verger, be forced to peel off their own face and feed it to the dogs. Answers at the end. Have fun!!

Name the following films

1 You are in a bar. Not just any bar. This bar is "for bikers and truckers only". Tito and Tarantula are rocking out After Dark on stage whilst Santanico Pandemonium entertains you.  "Down on your knees, dogs" and name the film!

2 Its a peaceful night, yet you are strangely restless, maybe its just that you are a foreigner in this city,  you look out of the window at the bad moon rising, what are you?

3 You are traveling in Civil War England when you encounter a roundhead named Richard Marshall.  You take a dislike to him and accuse his fiancé of heinous crimes. Your name is Matthew Hopkins, what is your job title?

4 The dead are rising to attack the living, is this a strange disease?  The man that can help you explain this is called Dr. David Menard, he is on the island of Matool. Shame about his wife's eye, it was so pretty before that splinter impaled it. 

5 The horror, well no one likes to see a female shish kebab do they? Sometimes these jungle expeditions can be so irksome, just bushrat and giant turtle to eat. At least you don't appear to have attracted the attentions of the Yamamotto tribe. Oh hold on....

6 Its so tiresome being harassed by the living dead in 1978 isn't it? Hey ho, at least you can get your christmas shopping done where you have chosen to hide. But what the hell is a gun store doing in a shopping mall? 

7 "Don't look, he'll see you, don't breathe, he'll hear you, don't move, YOUR DEAD".  How irritating! And my summers at camp Stonewater used to be fun till Cropsy showed up. 

8 Your father is acting awfully strange, that’s what happens when “all work and no play make jack a dull boy”, you should have listened to your imaginary friend,  why did he insist on spelling things in a mirror? Good job you can communicate with the cook using your special gift, what was it he called it?

9 You are a female who has  "just cut, chopped, broken and burned five men beyond recognition, but no jury in America will convict you". yay, the american justice system rules! 

10 You were called to Summerisle to search for Rowan Morrison, you end your days screaming for "Christ, Jesus Christ" well what did you expect, its Scotland after all! 

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1 One of my favourites, From Dusk till Dawn, if you haven't heard Tito and Tarantula then you should check them out. Cool band. 

2 Classic, An American Werewolf in London. If you got this wrong, shame on you. 

3 Fantastic Michael Reeves film, Witchfinder General, watch the full version, well worth it. 

4 Fulci's best known work, Zombie Flesh Eaters although you get points for Zombi 2. 

5 Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust. Recommended but only if you have a strong stomach. 

6 Dawn of the Dead. Don't bother with the remake by the way. 

7 The Burning. My favourite slasher. Holly Hunters first film. 

8 The Shining. Still the only film that genuinely scares me. Those twin girls, creepy shit. 

9 I Spit on your Grave. The remake is even nastier than the original. 

10 Of course, The Wicker Man. Great film. Again avoid the remake. At all costs. It's awful.