Hi All!

I wanted to touch on how we treat our customers, old and new, and how we try to remain quality driven and focused. Read on.....

This started life as a post on Instagram, but soon grew to the size where I realised I needed to have more space than that, so I turned it into this blog post. By the way, we are probably more active on IG than anywhere else, so please follow us there.

It's totally amazing to me that we now have well over 650 sales in just over a year. In fact we are well on the way to 700. Now, bearing in mind that we only sell on Etsy, (this site is linked to the Etsy store), and that I have no clue at all about marketing, I think thats pretty good going. Over 50 sales a month!!! I like to think that one of the reasons we do this well is our attitude to customer service. Yes, I know every company claims to have great customer service, but I really hope that we live up to that claim. We try to get orders dispatched as quickly as we can, we try to be as helpful as possible to anyone with a query or question, and we like to focus on quality.

I was packing these 3 shirts up for a new customer to us when it hit me. I was worried. No scared, but I had that slight doubt. What if he doesn't like the shirts? What if they don't live up to the description? I think that this is, in part, just a natural process that anyone working in a creative field goes through. Lets face it, none of us think our work is as good as other people have said. I mean they must just be being kind, right? We have been lucky enough to have had some incredible feedback both on Etsy and on Instagram and Facebook. (Yep, you can review us on our Facebook page.) But even with those great reviews, I still doubt our (my) work. But that's not the whole thing. Its not the only reason I was worried. It came to me that I'm ALWAYS worried when I pack an order. It doesn't matter if it's for a new customer or a long term resident here in Nameless City. And it's good. Its how we keep our quality up. If I worry about sending out shirts that I'm happy with, you know I'll NEVER send a shirt i'm not happy with. 

That's a bold statement right there. "I'll never send a shirt i'm not happy with." I dont mean a blatant screw up, or a really bad print here, hopefully no company will send you total trash, but what about those tiny imperfections? The nature of our product means that not every shirt comes out perfectly. 

A little diversion down a side track here. For those that dont know, all our shirts are Hand Pulled Screen Prints. We don't use big Auto machines that replicate the exact same speed and pressure on every pull and knock out hundreds, sometimes thousands, of shirts an hour. We hand print every shirt we sell. Ok, back to the main path.

So what happens to those shirts that look fine to the casual eye but when you really get in close they arent perfect? Surely we've been on a tight deadline and sent one out, right? 


Honestly, I can tell you now. 

I have NEVER KNOWINGLY sent a shirt I wasn't totally happy with to a paying customer.

Now does that mean that none of those slight imperfections have never gotten through? I'm not going to claim that, I am human. But I will repeat, I have never KNOWINGLY sent a shirt i'm not happy with. Can I back that up? Well I guess I'll point you to the reviews as a first point of call, then I'll tell you we have lots of repeat customers, then I'll show you this.

That's one box of what I consider misprints. Every shirt in there is a shirt I dont consider good enough to sell. I use them as test shirts now. So when we have a new design, I'll print it on one of these to see how it looks. oh, and here is another image for you.

Yep. Thats another box of shirts I wont sell. 

So what sort of thing are we talking about? I guess it ranges from stuff like this - 

As you can see, we had a drop of water in the screen here so the ink didnt take in that place. This is an obvious defect and I would hope no company would send this. 

But some companies would send this.

Or this -

And i'm guessing 99% would send this - 

I'll leave it to you to see if you can spot why we didnt send any of those.

So that's why I welcome that worried feeling. I know that as long as I have it, I'm doing my best for you. But what about those times I miss something? Please, if you buy a shirt from us, and are not totally happy with it, get in touch. I will do everything I can to put that right.

And it doesnt matter if you are buying your first shirt or your 10th. You are a paying customer and deserve the best I can give you. And more importantly, you are a resident in the Nameless City. You STAND!! 

Thank you all for staying with me on this, I know I ramble all over the place and struggle to get my point accross, but I hope it was bearable!

See you soon.


Nameless City Apparel.